ELBLAST™ Dry Online Cleaning For Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

ELBLAST™ – External Fin-Tube Dry Online Cleaning For Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

(ACHE cleaning, AIR FIN cleaning, FIN FAN cleaning, FIN COOLER cleaning, AIR COOLERS cleaning, Fin Tube cleaning, ETC.)

The ELBLAST™ process is a non-destructive method for dry on-line cleaning specially adapted for induced draft air cooled heat exchangers first developed and commercialized by ELFLOW BV from Netherlands.

Benefits of ELBLAST™


  • No entry inside plenum chamber anymore, thus
  • No risk of accidents due to  heat stress
  • Risk of accidents with running fans
  • No high pressure  application anymore
  • Nontoxic and biodegradable formulation : no treatment of the liquid waste is required


  • No production losses as on line cleaning (while fans are running)
  • No more lengthy motor isolation procedures as cleaning can be carried out while fans are in operation (on line cleaning)
  • No scaffolding  or wooden boards required
  • No damage on fins  due to spray jetting as the work pressure is low (5-6 Bar)
  • No risk of  damage of fins as no walking on fins at all anymore as we stay under the finned tube bundle
  • No lengthy  issuing of entry permits anymore
  • No damage on pumps, motor, bearings due to water
  • no EEC classification for transportation or storage


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